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[Feb 20th 2018]


hello loves, while i beat this bio into submission i wanted to toss her out for lines. this is echo natchios aka elektra. she has a pretty similar backstory to elektra, dad was a greek ambassador so she was born over seas and lived all over. mom was an american. she was put in gymnastics as a child to keep busy and ended up excelling. she was all set to go to world's in 2003 to represent the us, when her mother was killed in front of her. she never went back to the gym. her father put her in martial arts to help with anger, and she excelled there due to previous training and body control. she moved to new york to attend columbia, where she felt piece and loved it. her father died on a weekend visit. she moved to boston after graduation where her mom had a family member. said uncle is [info]advogado's mom's bf, so they've been close for about 8 ish years. she knows [info]novastar through him and adores her.

OTHERWISE all the things are necessary. also, job suggestions. because i got nothing. personality wise, she's friendly but guarded. she will make small talk with anyone, but doesn't open up easily. there's more to come i'm sure
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[Feb 19th 2018]


hola! this is charlie hall, aka carter hall, DC's very own hawkman. charlie's 31, born and raised in brooklyn, and went to columbia where he got his degree in biomedical engineering and then decided to do nada with it. he spent a couple of years as an elementary school teacher in nyc before moving to boston in 2011 to start a job at the museum of science, where he still currently works as a the tech studio education director. he's a giant nerdy child who's still got a healthy fear of his mom, but he's responsible enough when it counts and just likes to kick back and enjoy himself when he's not at work. he thinks faster than he can act and so he gets lost in his own world, and he doesn't really have the greatest history with relationships. he really tries, but they usually just don't work out. as far as hobbies go, he spends enough time at the gym, gets into random pick up games when the weather's decent, is probably a member of some bar/rec league league sports (drunk skeeball team? any takers?), and volunteers as a mentor for a local high school's robotics team. the rest of his deets are here.

i'm an idiot and accidentally deleted my [info]pbads post when i was trying to edit his bio soooo anyone who commented, please forgive me while i grovel for lines? so far he's got connections to [info]violetlight (family friends and the bane of his existence), [info]torche (the cop-turned-friend who showed up on the scene when he got stuck in the museum's roller coaster simulator - you read that right), [info]steelgrip (his ex-girlfriend of a few months from way back in 2014), and [info]manteio (friends since their new york days). he needs everything: moar friends, neighbors (and a neighborhood), family, maybe a roommate, exes, folx he'd know through the museum or teaching or nyc or his parents or whatever, literally everything. gimme.
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[Feb 19th 2018]


hey guys! so, i'm doing this a little ass-backwards since i haven't written any of her info yet, but i swear it's only because i'm really trying to flesh her out and figured this would help. this is rowan okada alternatively known as rose wilson/ravager and she's gonna be so thrilled when that all hits. her pb is asami zdrenka who is both adorable and has an amazing rbf that you can expect ro to be wearing on the daily. she can't help it. this is her happy face. she's an aspiring musician/poet and basically a career bartender if she can stop getting fired for being too smart at the mouth. it's very likely she's working at someplace somewhat seedy if only because she can be herself there. grew up in nyc with her mother who wasn't well off by any means and spent half of ro's life on the outs from her family since she went off an got knocked up young and refused to acknowledge or verbalize who the father was. not exactly bringing on the honor or anything. ro's closest relationship aside from her mother was with her aunt who discreetly helped them out on a lot of occasions. her mom got sick when rowan was in her junior year of high school and she ended up dropping out to pick up work to take care of her, getting her GED shortly after. school wasn't really for her anyway since she was always in trouble, getting into fights, and spending a lot of time in detention thanks to her smart mouth. her brain to mouth filter has always been a little broken, though she's working on it. sort of.

anywho, she ended up in boston to try and track down her father (hey ~[info]terminate!) after her mother passed. the two have been reconnected since 2015 i think, even though that relationship is nothing short of a shitshow. maybe i'm being a little harsh. maybe. who knows? ro is still a bit rough around the edges. her only solace is in singing and getting gigs in small bars around the city. she's likely been arrested a couple times for various things. criminal mischief, public intoxication... you get it. the past year or so she's really trying to get her shit together and figure out where she fits in the grand scheme of things. i'll take all the lines! maybe a roommate or former roommates that she met on the internet, anyone she might have hooked up with via tinder (m or f), people who have seen her sing but then met her and been like ehhh, a really close friend who she's probably inadvertently clung to because she doesn't do well with personal relationships, maybe someone she punched at a bar once and now sort of feels bad about it. obviously, i'm all for the random and weird.

edit: all her info is up, but i won't have her in until after the 28th! i'm still here though.
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#facelift [Feb 19th 2018]


quick post before i have to clock in, but just wanted to announce this dude's pb change to scott "kid cudi" mescudi. backstory is still the same with a few minor tweaks. i also wanted to make sure i had all his SLs in order and touch base with any i might've missed in his last ~networks post.

current lines:
[info]havania - the ex who still melts his heart every time she says things like "bullpoo"
[info]caped and [info]fiery - psuedo-cousins, related to his adopted parents' BFFs
[info]protection, [info]refueled, and [info]vibrational - neighbors who all have regular access to his place and his neurotic pup
[info]violetlight - nora's friend, did some freelance design work for her once upon a time
[info]betrayal - spots her at church sometimes, will be approaching her to say hi, coming soon to a thread near you
[info]pulitzer - occasionally feeds her info from the inside
[info]corp - co-worker
[info]sinestro - acquaintances...? they've got plenty of mutual connections but dymanic is tbd~

seeking connections with:
- bpd folks; he was an officer from '02-'12, now works as a forensic/criminal sketch artist
- fellow artists

i think that's it for now, but check out his bio for more details and please forgive me if we established a line and i forgot to include you up above. just holler at me and i'll edit ASAP!
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posted at 3.45 EST [Feb 19th 2018]



Written By: Bunny Lebowski

Officials say that at 3PM EST, there was a gas explosion at Conway Court, a Roslindale apartment building. While there were no immediate casualties, a few people reported that debris from the explosion has caused minor injuries and various property damage.

Investigators are currently conducting interviews, reviewing surveillance video, analyzing evidence, checking gas meter lines, and sifting through the debris for the cause. The resident of the apartment was not home at the time and is currently sought by the police for questioning.

If anyone has any information that may help officials with this case, you are asked to call the Boston Police Department’s tip line at 1-800-494-TIPS or to text the word TIP to CRIME (27463) from your mobile device.

WRITTEN BY [info]betrayal

[Feb 18th 2018]


hello everyone! this fella here is william moore, though he goes by liam. in the comic world, he is better known as john constantine, who i'd imagine people either tolerate or hate.

in the cv, he is a 34-year-old english import who came to the states when he was a kid. and then lost both of his parents soon after in an accident. with no one to take him in, he ended up in the foster system where he bounced around a lot, turning out to be quite the little miscreant. shoplifting and other such ways of acquiring things that didn't belong to him. once he turned 18 though, the state turned him out and sent him on his way. he ended up joining up with the circus (the one [info]occultism's adopted parents ran) and working as a magician for about a year before he was given the chance to attend college. he enrolled in college and managed to make it through. though once he was out, he found finding a job hard to do since he has a bit of a record, so he decided to just float around the us for a few years, visiting every state at least once. he returned to boston about five years ago, and has been working odd jobs ever since then, attempting to finally put down some roots. currently he's working as a jack-of-all-trades for a 'handyman' sort of company, doing a variety of blue collar sorts of jobs. personality-wise, he's friendly enough, albeit a little distant as he has a hard time really connecting with people. it takes a while and a bit of effort for him to really consider someone his friend, since he's used to people just coming in and out of his life. he's a bit of a smartass with a dry sense of humor, so it's entirely possible that he just rubs some people the wrong way as well.

lines so far: [info]occultism as someone he met while working in the circus, [info]vibrational was a fellow foster kid and someone he taught bad things to and [info]demonian is an ex from a few years ago that he's managed to stay friends with. so he could use whatever you've got to offer! the only family he could really have would be cousins, or maybe even some half-siblings on his dad's side since the man was a bit of a wanderer and did visit the states from time to time.
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[Feb 18th 2018]


hello again! some of you may remember this little lady from last year but if you don't... meet sloane bennett also known as stephanie brown / spoiler. she is 27-years-old and was born and raised in south boston to christine sloane, a nurse at mass general, and aiden bennett, a former lackey for the irish mob and current prisoner at souza-baranowski correctional center. she is a third-year law student at boston university (she graduates in may) where she also received her bachelor's and master's degrees in criminal justice. she recently interned at the suffolk county district attorney's office in the domestic violence/sexual assault unit and is hoping to get a job there after graduation. as for her personality, sloane is tough, independent, and doesn't take shit from anyone but under all of that steel is a bleeding heart with an intense desire to help people that may not be able to help themselves. she's outgoing and intelligent but she doesn't open up very easily and can come off a little prickly when you first meet her. since she was last in game, she's been laying low after a particularly traumatizing cv week. she's been shift-free for eight months and abandoned her social life to throw herself fully into school but in the last month or two, sloane has finally been coming out of her shell.

as for lines - she dated [info]jokers briefly last summer until the relationship crashed and burned (literally). if we had a line before and you want to keep it going, let me know! and if we didn't, let's figure something out. she can use a little bit of everything - a childhood best friend, neighbors (her current place of residence is undecided so she can live anywhere), friends, current or former classmates at bu, former flings or one-night stands, anyone else that grew up in south boston, someone she's rubbed the wrong way, or whatever else we can come up with.
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[Feb 18th 2018]


heyo! bringing you guys marcel who's cv alias is blade. i mean this guy. was born in the US but raised partly in the uk, and then back to the states after his momma passed on from complications of sickle cell anemia. his crazy but lovable maternal grandparents took up the parental responsibility where they raised him in houston, tx until he hit that 'i know it all but don't know squat’ age of 18. this gave him the wings to travel around the states, searching and trying to find out who he’s supposed to be without carrying the loss of his mom and distancing how he was brought into this world. he landed in nyc when he was 20. met his son's mom and they stumbled into a fast and explosive relationship, which burned out after a couple years of marriage and the birth of his shadow.

when things were failing he hopped and skipped on over to boston to hear ‘I told your ass so' by his grandparents. It’s four years now dwelling in the city and he’s trying to get used of being in one place for a long time. the few things that ground him, is his lil' boy, the weirdly comforting friendship he has with the mom, his grandparents, and the pursuit to drive deeper into the hematology med field that has given him more insight to what his mom suffered from for most of her life up until her unexpected passing. mars can be bit of an oddball, pulling references from protagonists and other iconic characters found in 70s blaxploitation films. this also includes his personal style and how he may view the world at times. he can come off as a quiet simmering kettle that boils over when ready to speak. dabbles in art only favoring drawing. he’s a homebody most of the time but will pop up for a good time if the mood is for it and is less money out of his pockets. everything and more can be found here.

as for lines which scale from a couple of short short short lived flings between [info]betrayal a few years back and a one off situation with [info]damonian last december while on holiday in greece. a couple of friends in [info]steelgrip and [info]squirrely who put up with his harmless non-sense. he's met up with [info]tsume around his grandparents coin-op laundromat (name & location pending) and bounces around the art scene with [info]evading. he needs more guy pals to bum off of, a neighborhood to be place in, any med folks to cross paths with, and many other lines cv related or completely au to work out or let the organics run its course!
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[Feb 17th 2018]


rollin' on up here like to bring you a younger and (sorta) less caustic kitty pryde. this is ada prettyman, 21 (turning 22), daughter of a french-canadian attache. she's been living with her father, twin brother, au pair turned step-mother and younger step-sister at the boston harbour hotel for the last few months, after moving here from new york city where she grew up. she and her evil twin were child prodigies, but being chaotic good has made her prone to cooking up schemes with her brother to entertain themselves, rather than applying herself to any one discipline (because money can't buy happiness, just a lot of chanel).

ada is soft-spoken and can be very charming, but she harbours a darkness and a melancholy that comes from losing her mother to a tragic accident when she was six years old (something that she never talks about). ada lives in something of a daydream to escape the world and the constant fluttering in her own head. she's artistically minded, so music, art, dance, languages, etc., interest her and allow her to express herself and the myriad of emotions/moods that she shuffles through on a daily basis (she's probably bipolar, but seeing a therapist is not the french thing to do). in any case, she hasn't found her "calling" yet.

since she can't decide what she wants, she is one of those "try anything" types, which hopefully opens her up for lots of connections because she's probably tried the hobby your character is into at least once and i want/need all the lines. ada knows [info]punctured from the art scene. she's fluid and into all kinds of humans that she feels a connection with, so exes of any gender or persuasion are more than welcome, especially the ones who felt awkward at the fact she'd rather spend time with her brother than go on a date.
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[Feb 16th 2018]


after hell at work, the flu and trying to get elena here settled in her first cv, i realized half her lines have left the game. SO i figured i'd toss her back out there and see what i can work out for her now that she's been here about a month and interacting a bit. the short of who she is: elena keres is originally from new orleans, her parents split when she was 8 and her mom moved back to boston with her and her older brother. both parents remarried. from that marriage she got [info]demonian as a step-cousin from her dad's side. i believe they are pretty close and get along well. she spent all her summers down in new orleans with her dad and her siblings from him, where she got a job at a funeral parlor and over time learned to be a mortician. went to college in new orleans, got a part-time job at a local forensic lab with one of the small parish sheriff departments. which led to her eventual move back to boston where she got a job with boston pd in their lab. this is, i believe, how she met [info]zooming and they've built up a friendship because of their jobs and calling each other for different things.

she likes all things macabre, but is very friendly, not at all sad and in the dumps. she's a happy person over all who loves her job and has started thinking about getting back into mortuary. mostly because death is about right now and doesn't understand why they are looking at pictures of blood and smashed bullets when they could be helping the deceased. it's a moment.

she has a new friend in [info]destructible who reached out during cv week and has been talking to her a little about it. she feels grateful to not be alone in all of this. she goes to [info]sinestro's club here and there, and enjoys the ambiance of the place. she met [info]reddest at a club or bar, and they saved each other from creepies, only to form a friendship . if i am missing anyone, please throw something at me and remind me! i'd love her to talk to more people on a deeper level than answering their quiz or a question if it pertains to her
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[Feb 16th 2018]


heyyyyy! the og anna durand/rogue is making her come back. for those who remember her, she's pretty much exactly the same except the last few years have been rewritten. she spent her first 16 years in louisiana, and then spent the next 5 up and down the east coast as she swindled, conned, stripped, and dealt her way through college and then settled in boston for law school. she was in boston until 2015 when she went back to lousiana, got knocked up by her long time on/off again boyfriend... they had a nice year before his past caught up with him and she had to leave with their son. she found herself drawn back to boston, resuming her job at the district attorney's office. she's a spitfire, sassy, not afraid to tell it like it is. but she's super easy to make friends with, she can find common ground with pretty much anyone. becoming a mother has made her a little bit more protective of those she lets really close. she's slightly paranoid, but she's always been that way.

so if anyone needs a lawyer, someone to down a bottle of wine with, or wants some authentic cajun food, she's your gal!
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Intro. [Feb 14th 2018]

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[Feb 14th 2018]


I am super excited to bring you all Sultana Sheikh -- better known as Marvel's Shiklah!

Sultana's 33, Lebanese American, a businesswoman and fashion designer. She was born in NYC but moved to D.C. shortly afterwards. Ana returned to NYC to study fashion at Parsons and then moved to Boston to attend Harvard. During her first year in Boston, she met [info]violetlight and co-founded Sam's brainchild, Cinderella's Closet. About a decade later, Sam stepped down from her position leaving Ana the sole CEO. In 2017, Ana launched her own brand: Sulfire (similar to Vetements). ana's a career-driven woman and notably less egotistical and much more humane than her counterpart.

As for her lines, she's [info]almawt's step-cousin, former business partner and friend to [info]violetlight, childhood friends with [info]refueled, on/off (currently off) girlfriend to [info]destructible, and acquainted with [info]photojournalist. She also had a former fling with [info]punctured is on the way as well. I'd definitely love lines with more Marvel fam but regardless give me everything and anything! I'm asking for the usual (friends, exes, etc.) but also a personal assistant, interns, and models. I'm open to brainstorming and plotting, so let's make some magic!
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[Feb 14th 2018]


Throwing this guy out here as I listen to the soundtrack, so needless to say I'm a little hype. Native to Boston, played in the NFL for three years during the early 00's and was pretty good before concussions scared him out of the game. He is the ex-fiancee of [info]rains, she left him it at the alter, but they have been slowly reconnecting on a strictly "kind of awkward" friends basis. He's an electrical engineer, brilliant/world class athlete like T'Challa, and spent five years doing Engineers without Boarders, mostly in Haiti. Going to be the Uncle of [info]prodigy and hopefully friend to many.

As far as lines, he could use some workout buddies, maybe people he played high school/college ball with, women he awkwardly dated after having his heart broken. Bring me anything and everything.
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[Feb 13th 2018]


i'm here to beg for all your lines! this is zahra fox aka zatanna zatara. she's 30 years old and grew up quite literally in the circus. sounds fun, right? she's been doing acrobatics, gymnastics, dancing, and entertaining since she was about three years old, so to say she's a seasoned performer is a bit of an understatement. the bright side is that she's been all over the country, has a lot of great stories, and actually knows a man that swallows swords. a lot of her details are in her info if you're hot to know her history. the most important stuff is that she currently works as a bartender (i believe at the bar that [info]magnetic owns?) and does some dancing/performing on the side with the boston circus guild and other outlets. she's really her own breed of human, very quirky, a little odd when it comes down to it, and probably one of the friendliest people you will ever meet if not slightly snarky when she needs to be.

where lines are concerned, she needs basically everything. she has an ex-boyfriend in [info]savate and there's some angst there if only a little because of course. a neighbor or two to recognize her weirdness would be fun, as well as any other former dates, friends that she made in her time before she went back to the circus (2011-2013) and those she's met since she's been back (2016), and everything in between. let us plot all the things!
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