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[Jun 22nd 2017]


hello hello, i am the worst at these so bear with me friends. this is jenna belmont, aka jesse quick! she's 30, native to queens, ny but moved to boston at age eleven and has called it home since. her father works as a sports television producer and her mother runs a retro themed diner that serves burgers and all the classics (named quick burgers. i know, i know). they divorced when she was young but jenna is still really fond of both. she went to college all the way across the country in california where she discovered a passion for teaching and kids. so she decided to become a physical education teacher and came back to boston to make it official. she's now going on her fourth year teaching as well as coaching for a few teams and really loves it for the most part. in the last two years, the family diner has been growing in business and in turn jenna has also taken change of a food truck for it that she manages for a lot of events and weekly pit stops. while she doesn't do much of the cooking herself, if you charm her you might get extra french fries!

personality wise, she's a big ball of energy, the type who really likes to dig in and get dirty sometimes. she's often goofing around and doesn't take herself seriously most of the time. believes in tough love because expressing her emotions doesn't always come easy, but when you do have her adoration it goes deep. for connections, she's cousins with [info]runs, besties with [info]newsies, brofriends with [info]running, adores [info]stability and i know there are at least a few others i'm leaving out here so let me know.

if we had talked briefly in pbads and never finished feel free to hit me up! that goes for everyone really, i'm game for anything so come brainstorm with me! no dc/marvel-hero/villain barriers here. i'd love to get an ex (the stranger in cv the better tbh), all sorts of friends or maybe not so friends because she can be too much sometimes. i know she also has some other cv connections among you all so i'd love to make something fun with that too!
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instagram [Jun 21st 2017]

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[Jun 21st 2017]



hello! this is bruna bonilla aka fire, a 36 year old boston native who fled to new york city at the age of 18 to pursue a career as an actress and model. her parents came over from brazil shortly before she was born and were fairly strict and traditional. they both worked hard to provide for their family, which often left the kids to fend for themselves. despite their best efforts to instill hard work and strong values into their children, bruna had other plans. from an early age, she was always attempting to steal the spotlight and show off so it was only a surprise to her parents (who were living in denial) when she announced she was moving to nyc to become an actress. this did not go over well, but she ignored their warnings and took up any and all jobs she could once she made the move. at the age of 19, she got her big break and was cast on a currently unnamed soap opera and was on the show until the age of 25 when she was unceremoniously killed off. during this time, she'd also gotten married to someone wealthy, mismanaged her own money, and then when he left her shortly after she was killed off, she ended up having to return to boston with her tail between her legs. nowadays, she's doing some sort of administrative work (i haven't decided what yet, exactly) so if anyone needs a secretary, executive assistant, etc let me know! personality wise, she's very outgoing and charming, likes attention and being in the spotlight, but has a tendency to get overly passionate about things and occasionally struggles to keep her temper in check and/or not act irrationally.

line wise, [info]tora is her best friend and she's known her forever, [info]gadgetry is her friend turned ex turned friend, and i believe she's going to be friends with [info]skeets as well. she could use anything and everything! drinking buddies and fellow winos, exes and former flings of varying degrees of seriousness, some more lady friends, someone she's rubbed the wrong way and vice versa, neighbors in arrowrest, etc. let's brainstorm!

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[Jun 21st 2017]


this is oliver bronson, also known as bane. he was a semi-professional kickboxer until he got hurt. this led to an addiction to painkillers, and through his work as a pharmacist, was able to procure said painkillers. he was born and raised in florida and has moved around a lot since graduating college. he is very careful about when and how much he steals and has never been caught, but he knows that suspicions have been aroused, and that's usually about the time he moves again and takes a new position in a new city. within the last couple of months, he's moved to boston and taken a position as the lead hospital pharmacist at mass gen. he's still obsessed with kickboxing and keeps fit. his injury that led to his addiction no longer bothers him, but if someone happens to catch him popping a pill he says that once in a while it acts up. he doesn't do commitment, at least not very well, and the one time he thought he might actually go for it, it didn't work out. he's been a little jaded ever since. personality-wise he's charming and friendly, he's outgoing and loves the outdoors. he's also a bit vain and gets a little thrill out of seeing people in pain, particularly those who are on the other side of the boxing ring.

he has an ex-fiancee in [info]manteio, a colleage at mass gen in [info]goldenblast and a drinking buddy in [info]refuled. still working out a line with [info]maat, but he could use anything and everything. long lost cousins, new friends, any other floridian transplants, colleages at mass gen, tinder dates, you know the drill! gimme all you got!
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[Jun 21st 2017]


hi, everyone. this is james andrews, your friendly neighborhood captain britain. he's a 32 year old london native who moved to the US for college and decided to stick around. he did his undergrad at MIT where he studied bioengineering and graduated in 2008. after he college, he moved across the river and started his PhD in genetics and genomics at BU. he finished his PhD in 2013, and after that, he started working as a geneticist for big pharma. a bit of a workaholic, he flamed out pretty hard in 2016 and quit his job in hopes of finding something else that would let him spend more time with his family. eventually, he got into house flipping. he's still pretty new to it, but he loves it and is working on his third renovation. when he's not working, he's playing dad to his adorable kid. he follows arsenal religiously and what little spare time he has is often spent watching sports, shooting the shit with friends, or at his favorite local watering hole, though the latter doesn't happen too often now that he's a family man.

he's married to [info]elfin and together they have a three year old son. unbeknownst to pretty much everyone involved, [info]totality is his half-sister and [info]hitokiri is his half-cousin. i'm working out friendship lines with [info]tsume and [info]goldenblast, if they'll still have me, but beyond that, he could use everything. friends from college and grad school, childhood friends he would've known from london, old coworkers or other folks he'd know from his previous or current career, neighbors, drinking buddies...seriously, everything. let's figure something out!
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[Jun 19th 2017]


this is alexander lucas. late 30s. boston native. currently between jobs. he runs political campaigns, sometimes for people he actually even likes. he's got a pretty wry sense of humor, can give you shit 24/7 especially if he likes you, and is very driven. so not much difference from his CV counterpart lex luthor except without the whole evil murdering genius thing (for now).

i do have his bio up if you wanna read more about him. he's got family in ~italian and a childhood friend in ~tactitian currently but not much other than that!
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hello world [Jun 18th 2017]

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[Jun 18th 2017]


alright alright, never fear...bart is here!

bart is 19 and is currently a full-time student at boston university. he works as a part-time waiter at a five star restaurant located at boston's north end district. like his dc counterpart, he is very impulsive and quite reckless with everything that he does. once upon a time, bart bought 4 pairs of jordan's with his mediocre salary and was living off of ramen noodles for two weeks before he got paid again; not a proud moment in his life but as long as he looked good walking down the street, right? bart is also super smart, like genius smart, but he fears people finding out and labeling him as a nerd. he grew up in a well-to-do family of doctors so he's constantly being pushed by his parents to pursue the medical field. although he would love to make his parents proud one day, right now he's more focused on living his life to its fullest before anything else. he also takes pride in his "cross country days", and will start up a conversation with anyone who's willing to listen to him gloat about his high school years and how he was the fastest boy in his whole school then, and now how he's the fastest man alive. so yes, there's a big ego there.

aside from being thoroughly misguided, he craves the tutelage and guidance from someone who's willing to sit down and listen to what he has to say. he has a good heart and thrives on making the closest to him happy, even more so than himself. again, he might seem like he doesn't take anything seriously but deep down he has dreams and aspirations like the next person.

i'm sure everyone knows his dc counterpart, i mean who doesn't?! bart is so fluffy and cute! ^_^ most of the lines i have right now are with the flash fam, so lines with other dc characters (connections or no connections) are welcome. teen titans, where ya at?! other youngin's would also be great. classmates, best mates, family members that are none-dc related.
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[Jun 17th 2017]


I think I'm finally ready with this one. She is Hudson Jain, 32, originally from many many places. She was born in New York City but has lived in Virginia, Washington D.C., New Delhi India, Bourduex France and finally Boston. Her mom is a member of the US Foreign Service, her father is an engineer in the employ of NASA. She is an assistant director for admissions at Boston University, focusing on South Asia. She's American bond but of East Indian descent on both sides of her family. She's sarcastic, hardheaded, loves her wine and pink nail polish and is unapologetic about embracing her heritage.

She's also the other side of Jaina Hudson, a DC villain who can split herself into two separate bodies, herself and the original elusive chanteuse, White Rabbit.

Right now I have some tentative connections with [info]jokers and [info]candygirl and would love some more connections with the other Bat villains. If you answered me on [info]pbads I'm sorry I didn't get back right away but I have been wrestling with her bio all week. I'd love to work some things out now!
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[Jun 16th 2017]


I thiiink I'm ready to bite the bullet with this and hopefully get some lines set up to round things off! I have with me here Bruce Banner, in one fist, and Brandon Bataille in the other. He's 35 going on 15, and an auto mechanic at Pier Transmission. Has been for the past 7 or 8 months. Prior to that, he was a repairman in Utah for almost two decades, where he still has a wife and three kids. His parents live near Vegas, where he was born, so all the love for slot machines, Elvis, the desert, camping, wild wilderness things like that. He's not much of a city slicker, but he tries. He's not much of anything, really, but he tries. (I feel like I'm already in character, this is so completely awkward.) He is so completely awkward, super chill repressed anger issues can do that to a person. Now that that's out of the way, give me some fun things and I'll give you some fun things in return?! I have no idea what he even needs, other than redemption for his backstory... Maybe some god-fearing folk, temptations in the form of blondes/drinking buddies, people to ogle Mustangs with, long-lost family, I'm up for brainstorming anything!
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[Jun 13th 2017]


i haven't done one of these in forever and a day and i really need to get cracking on editing the lines in her bio, so, here we go.

this is erin fairchild, a thirty six year old boston native who happens to be the one, the only emma frost in cv aka your resident vodka aunt of the x-men. erin grew up in high society, her father is based on robert kraft meaning he owns the kraft group (now called the fairchild group) as well as the new england patriots that he bought when erin was a preteen for the hell of it because that's what rich people do. like emma frost, erin grew up with rich, critical and distant parents but lucked out by finding her niche as the creative one in the family and dreaming of going to school for fashion design. her parents decided to indulge her once they gained more status and everything was gravy until her brother committed suicide while erin was studying in paris and since then, her relationship with her family is tense at best. her father sensed that she was about to jump ship and roped her back in by helping her get her fashion line and string of boutiques - aptly named "white queen" off the ground and she begrudgingly accepted it. erin worked three times as hard to prove her worth and is a successful designer and businesswoman. her attitude about life is very que sera, sera and she tries to live life without regret by grabbing opportunity by the horns but maintains a rather laid back vibe about her.

as for lines, here we go: she has a sister in [info]meridian where they often try to kill each other during cv weeks but get along decently during au, a step cousin in [info]project, cousins in [info]iciness and [info]lockheed, a childhood best friend in [info]kindling, another childhood friend in [info]intoreds, a pseudo brother in [info]slushpuppie, a serious ex/friend in [info]magnetic, another ex in [info]solitude (i think?), [info]elusive is her former personal assistant, [info]arcreactor is a fellow rich moron/ex-fling, [info]grafts is a family friend and haver of #richpeopleproblems, and an employee in [info]illusionary.

breathes. so while i spruce up her lines, i can go for anything you may have to offer me and if anything needs to be amended, let me know. i'll even slide some customs your way too~
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five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. [Jun 12th 2017]



[Jun 11th 2017]


i'm hoping to get him done in time for adds, but this is alec herrin, a landscape maintenance worker at Harvard. he's going to be 41 this month and has potentially been in Boston his whole life (depending on a possible sibling line). he's swamp thing in the comics and has a fairly tragic reason why he's no longer using his chemistry degree in his career. he's got a green thumb and is working on starting up his own nursery soon. but the only connections I have for him so far are with ~watersheds who he knows from Harvard and ~tempestas who he works with on a charity project. he possibly has a sister if it works out with ~enchantress, but that's it! he's a little bit of an oddball, takes most things way too literally and possibly has a touch of asperger's. but he's genuine and sweet and even funny when he gets in the mood. hit me up!
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[Jun 11th 2017]


this is levi edison aka loki. he was born in belgium, but was basically raised in boston by his aunt and uncle. he'll be turning 35 this year, and he is the ceo of breakscape llc. he owns a chain of breakrooms and escape rooms. breakrooms are placed where you can go pay to break stuff like plates or furniture or both. escape rooms are places you go to be locked in a room with a group of people and try to solve your way out of it aka escape out of it. his first locations were in boston, which he personally managed, so your character could have possibly have met him before the businesses grew. he formerly co-owned the knight moves cafe, which is a board game cafe. he sold off his interest in that a couple of years ago.

he's a relatively friendly and personable guy. he will try anything once. he loves dressing up, costumes parties, partying in general, has a hedonistic side to him. he's pretty much all charming on the outside with some depravity on the inside.

i really suck at lines posts (who else feels like this), so just throw stuff at me. he's bisexual, so flings of either gender, though i'd really love a male one as he has a couple of female ones right now and no males ones. neighbors former or present, though if present they'd also have a neighbor in [info]mocking. people who know him via his business. friends. anything. just give me all the things.

current lines are:
[info]tactician - brother who is actually his cousin; [info]mocking - next door neighbor of at least 3 yrs, close friend; [info]casting - good friend, former almost something; [info]tempestas - a client of hers, confidential; [info]jokers - cousin via his dad; [info]cyberion - potential employee if the interviews work out; and i might be missing some, so hit me up again.
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[Jun 11th 2017]


hello everyone! this is jacob andor, also known as thor odinson, who i am hoping to bring in. jacob is a 35 year old boston native, who joined the marines when he was 18 since he wanted a bit more excitement in his life. he spent ten years with the marines, six of them with an elite unit, and definitely got his fair share of excitement before an injury put him out of commission. he came back to boston, went to school for a bit, and now works as a computer technician. he's most well known as being a huge teddy bear, the kind of guy who will stand around and look intimidating (so yes, bring him to all of your craigslist meetings) but probably would never actually get into a fight. he's kind of a goofy, nerdy sort, who usually makes friends wherever he goes and loves to make people laugh, or roll their eyes at him, whichever actually happens. some of this kind of contrasts with his history with the marines, but he'd actually prefer not to talk about that at all, so most people who casually know him might not even know of his service history. he's a very smart guy, but usually prefers to play that down. he's also the kind of guy who almost always seems to be hungry, so if you bring him food, you've got a friend for life. he can, however, be a bit brash and speak before he really thinks. also he can have a bit of a foul mouth at time. side-effect of spending so long in the company of marines.

lines-wise, he's got a cousin who is more like a brother in the incoming [info]jotuns, and has a best friend/constant on-and-off relationship with [info]italian. if we've worked out other lines in pbads, please forgive my memory as it is currently almost 2am (in fact, forgive any of the awkwardness of this post in general). however! if we've talked, let's rehash. if we haven't talked, bring it on! friends, exes, other military, a shrink (if we have any), people who own restaurants or coffee shops who either cringe when he comes in or get excited because they know it'll be a good business day, gaming buddies, drinking buddies, people he's done computer or programming work for, etc and more.
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[Jun 9th 2017]

teeny tiny ooc.. )

who am i gonna see at the parade tomorrow? [Jun 9th 2017]

all her friends call her alaska
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[Jun 9th 2017]


Greetings my fellow writers. I am here to bring you Nik Rushman aka Black Widow! Nik is originally from Russia, moved to the states as a teen after her parents divorced and has been here ever since. She's a former competition dancer, though she stopped competing when she was 19 to focus on school, she does still dance and attend occasional classes because it's a great stress relief. She attended BU and is now an associate professor in the history department there. Her specialty is early modern european history but she knows a smattering of other periods too. She tends to come off as rather stoic and likes to pretend she has no emotions, but those who manage to get to know her will learn quite different. There's some more info and factoids and such in her bio which is accessible through her journal, for those who care to know more.

Now, I have worked out lines (or am currently working on lines) with a few of you (and I would name drop but I'm lazy) but I'd love to work out more. So, come to me all her fellow teachers, former classmates, and current or former students. Friends. Frenemies. Fellow dancers. Maybe an ex or two because she's not very good with the whole dating life thing. And anything else you can think of because who doesn't enjoy brainstorming?
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[Jun 9th 2017]


hello hello! this is celina mun, aka cindy moon aka silk. she's 29 years old, child of korean immigrants, and a new york transplant living in boston since going to bu for undergrad roughly 10 years ago. after her first attempt at a career fizzled out, she went through a series of odd jobs over the years, and has most recently landed an admin assistant position with [info]aranha. it's part of her extended quarter-life crisis, wherein her parents are quietly disappointed by her lack of ambition, and she has no idea what she wants for her future. celina's a fun person to have around, pretty easy-going and almost always up for a good time, but not so good at getting real. she has trouble with commitment, whether that's sticking to one career path, or in her personal relationships, and overthinks everything. she'd rather run from her problems than face them head on, and quietly looks on in envy at the people her age who seem to have their shit together. all the while trying to laugh it off like she's living her best life, anyway.

the tl;dr version is here. as mentioned above, she works for ~aranha, previously tended bar for [info]lockpick, and is currently sharing an apartment with [info]epsilon, [info]missmartian and i believe [info]spoilered in south boston since january. [info]cobwebs is her childhood neighbor/buddy from nyc, and they're friends with [info]synanthrope via their dads. [info]kyujutsu's mom and uncle go way back to korea with her parents. i've got a handful of other lines, but i'm always open to more! extended family, friends, college roomies, past co-workers, exes she ghosted on, flings and hook-ups, whatever. let's make it work!
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[Jun 9th 2017]


hi friends, this is charlie. born and raised in new york, charlie attended law school in boston and decided to stay there permanently. he is a prosecuting attorney for a law firm, at which he is also junior partner. by and large he is a typical smarmy bastard who loves more than anything to get his way, and doesn't mind to swat anyone down that gets in the way of it. as you can imagine, his love life isn't exactly the best -- he has the capacity to treat a certain special someone really well, but doesn't have the time at the moment. or... maybe he just hasn't made time to lately. otherwise he's a pain in the ass, has a positive disposition, gets along with people when they get along with him, but can be best described as the lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

as far as lines are concerned: he has some history with [info]hitokiri, [info]candygirl is a childhood friend, he works at the same law firm as [info]greenwarrior's brother (and father before retirement), he is on retainer for [info]grafts's company and [info]skrika's father's agency. i'm open to brainstorming, and i'd love to add more to this list!

now pardon me while i make icons instead of doing work.
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